Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are listed by Unilights to ensure that you have an excellent customer relation with us. Customers are recommended that you read all the Terms and Conditions carefully before engaging in any form of business with us.

  • All Seller‘s quotations are without obligation and subject to confirmation.

  • A contract is only concluded when the Seller issues a confirmation of the order or makes a delivery after receiving an order from the Customer. An order from the Customer always represents a binding offer. The Seller reserves the right to decline an order, for example upon evaluation of the Customer‘s creditworthiness. For Consumers the Seller reserves the right to accept the order within one week; for Businesses the Seller reserves the right to accept the order within a suitable acceptance period. The confirmation of receipt does not however constitute a binding acceptance of the order.

  • Specific Customer‘s instructions, i.e. with regard to delivery dates, discounts, or the like, shall not be binding until explicitly confirmed by the Seller in the confirmation of the order.

  • The Seller creates catalogs on- and offline and any other sales documents, lists, and drawings, as well as weights and measurements with the utmost care, but reserves the right to subsequently correct any obvious errors.

  • The Seller shall expressly agree with any changes or additions to the order made by the Customer after the conclusion of the contract and reserve the right to indemnification.

  • The Seller reserves the right to partial or non-performance of a contract with Businesses in case of the Seller’s incorrect or improper deliveries by suppliers. In this case, the Seller undertakes to inform the Businesses without delay and any compensation will be reimbursed partially or fully.

For the Reservation of title-

  • The Seller shall retain title to all goods delivered until complete payment of the purchase price plus any interest or charges arising.

  • Customers must treat the supplied products with due care for the duration of the retention of title and must perform necessary maintenance and inspection at their own expense. Customers are obliged to notify the Seller immediately of any seizure of the goods by a third party, such as a levy of execution and any damage or loss of the goods. The same applies to any change in possession of the goods or any change of the Customer‘s address. Customers are liable to pay compensation for any damage or costs caused by a breach of the above obligation.

  • In order to inspect the goods which are delivered under the retention of title Customers shall provide the Seller with access to their premises. If Customers violate the contract, in particular by delays in payment, the Seller is hereby entitled to withdraw from the contract and to reclaim the goods.

Term related to Delivery of Goods-

  • Extra Delivery charges will be applicable on goods/materials to a client's desired location.