Sep 24, 2020 | INDOOR LIGHTING

Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

Sachin Singh

Lighting was often thought of as a predominant factor in the interior design of a space. The interior design of a space is what needed to stand out to the people when they were looking for the ‘Awe’ factor in the room. Lighting was purely the functional aspect of design. It was used only to highlight the beautiful parts of the room and also to draw attention to a specific artifact in the space.

This has now changed because of the evolution of lighting technology. Neon Lights, fluorescent have all been replaced by LEDs which has exploded the possibilities for lighting. It has led to companies to bring new beautiful lights in the market. The focus has shifted to decorative lighting as now people are able to play with lights even more.

Decorative lighting is thus now a combination of art and technological advancements to bring lights not only which serve functional purposes but are the focal point of the whole design of a room.

New designers have created huge spectacles of lights merging materials of their choice and lights which compliment them. Some have also stuck to the idea of minimalism and wrought creations which simply use linear lights to breathe life and drama into space.

Decorative lighting has changed the playing field of lighting and interior design and sprung much forward than just being a side piece in the grand scheme of lighting.

Best six lighting fixtures for home interiors.

1) Recessed downlights -Are used when there is a false ceiling (gypsum ceiling). They sit flush with the ceiling with a minimal rim.

2) Surface-mounted fittings -are used when there is no false ceiling (used for true ceiling). Flat surface lights (both round and square) can be used.


3) Chandeliers – to be used in the living room, above the dining table, etc. which give the whole ambiance a grandiose feel.

4) Pendants – near the entryways of the house or above dining tables or seating areas.

5) Table lamps - In Bedrooms on the bedside tables or in the living area near the sofa. It creates a beautiful space and provides an atmosphere for reading.  

6) Track spot - To highlight a painting or a sculpture.

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